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Lorena Pugh

Lorena Pugh was born in Denver, Colorado. She earned her BFA with honors from Pratt Institute and also studied at the School of Visual Arts (New York), the New York Art Students League and the Brian Shaw School of Art in London. At her studio in North Kingston, Rhode Island, Lorena divides her painting time between purely creative endeavors such as her whimsical animals and commissioned works for a variety of business clients. She also does commercial illustration for books and brochures. Lorena works primarily in oils and is known for her use of color. Because some recent works were painted under the name Steinhauser, Lorena's animal series will continue to use the Steinhauser name.

Newport has become home to Lorena in 1984. She feels that her style has reflected her moves. "When I lived in New York City, I painted more abstractly and did caricatures of people I saw in the subways." Now that the artist finds herself in a more rural environment, she has found expression in her witty animal portraits. "Animals are wonderful subjects. Lorena's animals are completely content with their idiosyncrasies.The "Square Pig" holds his head up from the marsh grass and unabashedly confronts you. In "Dandelion Dreams", a snoozing pig lounges in his own personal heaven. Each portrait charms the viewer for a different reason. The series, a delight to collectors worldwide is continually being expanded. Originals and prints of Lorena's work are featured at Arnold Art, 210 Thames St., Newport, R.I.

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